I am always on the lookout for new locations. So it was much to my delight that I found myself taking photos at this abandoned railroad. It was something I had seen last year, but never really considered. But while I was out scouting some of our nature trails I came upon this spot. The entrance to this railroad is surrounded by trees and is quite a ways up from the ground, but after seeing it I knew I had to shoot here. Though the sun wasn’t on our side today, my friend managed to snap some really great shots for me to post. It’s this type of scenic locations that really make me appreciate this town. Though I will forever be a city girl, I do love the imagery that the countryside provides. Menomonie is filled with so many beautiful historic locations, I’m excited to branch out more and explore new places.

Knit Top: Thrifted
Palazzo Pants: Tilly’s
Necklace: American Eagle
Sandals/Hat: Kohl’s

Gold Dust


Sometimes it amazes me, what you can rediscover in your closet. I bought this band style vest back during my Freshman year of high school at a boutique in Arizona. I had forgotten how much I loved it at the time and had been debating for a while now whether or not to get rid of it (due to it being a bit large on me now). But I realize that doesn’t have to be an issue. Its large size makes it great for a layering piece now, which are essentials that everyone should have in their closet. I loved finding new ways to style up this old piece and different ways to wear it.

Shirt/Vest: Old
Pants: American Eagle
Sandals: Kohl’s

Fashion in Film: Populaire


When looking at films that best captures the look and vibe of the 1950’s, Populaire would be one of my top choices. Set in France, the movie tells the story of a young woman who moves to the city for work. While there, she meets a man who notices her ability to type fast and enters her into a typing competition As the story progresses, the two begin to form a bond as she works towards competing in the World Championships for speed typing.

I”m afraid the movie is spoken in French. So for all those who don’t like reading subtitles, this may not be the movie for you. Though I must insist you watch, for the wardrobe in Populaire is so spectacular, a little bit of reading is well worth it. Beautiful day dresses with simple, clean-cut styles. And party dresses that feature stunning fabrics and unique details. These dresses having you wishing you were walking along the streets of Paris, dolled up in your best attire. But not only is the women’s fashion shining through, but the men’s as well. With the men wearing handsome suits and ties through out, it may have you wishing that men still dressed that way today.

Hell’s Bells


Well it’s back to the books for me. I’ve moved into my dorm and have been in classes for a couple of weeks now. It has been amazing to catch up with friends I haven’t seen all summer and get involved in my new major. Though the weather has been a bit drab, it hasn’t kept us from venturing outside. This year I brought my bike up with me, and I love the freedom of moving around town and going for bike rides. It also makes the trek to where I take photos a little bit easier. I hope to get back into my usual posting schedule, so keep an eye for some new posts soon.

Jacket: Vintage
AC/DC Shirt, Boots: Target
Jeans: Boston Store

Wild Rose


Though I didn’t get the job I was hoping for this summer, I did get to work at the Wisconsin State Fair again. It wouldn’t be my first job of choice. But the fair grounds do have some of my favorite treats (including monkey tails). But after a long week of busing tables, I was glad to be done. Besides earning some money for a car, I have been spending a lot of time redoing my bedroom at home. All summer I’ve been collecting odds and ends to decorate my walls, and repainting my furniture. I’m afraid it won’t be done for a while, but I hope to eventually give a room tour when it is completed.

Dress: OASAP
Shoes: Kohl’s
Hat: Thrifted