Almost Famous


I can’t help but feel like Penny Lane in this big, fluffy coat. It was an impulse buy and not normally something I would buy for myself. But when I found it for only $20 at TJMaxx, I knew I had to have. It has to be the warmest thing I’ve ever owned. I was surprised with how easily it fit into the rest of my wardrobe.

As I am sure you can see, we already have snow here in Wisconsin. This weather has already dropped below 10 degrees and has made it harder to go out for photos. But I braved the wind to take some before my Thanksgiving break. I’m afraid I’ll be working most of it, and having to deal with the madness that is Black Friday. I only have one more day of classes before I can head home for the holiday.

Billabong Jacket: TJMaxx
Top: Tilly’s
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Thrifted




I hope you guys had a great weekend, I know I did. The past couple days I got to spend in Milwaukee with my family. It was a short trip for some job training, but it was still refreshing to have some time away out of my small dorm. Most of my time was spent working. But, I made sure to make some time to wander around downtown. I finally got to try a doughnut from a newer shop called Holey Moley. Mine was s’mores and it was absolutely delicious. Anything that looks like chocolate and marshmallow I’ll give a try.

Dreamers in an Endless Universe


Happy Halloween! Though I haven’t gone trick-or-treating for years, Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. To stay in the spirit, I pulled out my galaxy skirt. To compliment it, I paired it with my newest pair of shoes I got in the mail. I never invest much of my money in shoes. Colors tend to intimidate me and I resort to buying only black or browns. The exception was made when I saw these numbers on sale for $20. Burgundy is a fall necessity and it surprises me how much of my closet it matches. Sadly the weather is turning a cold too fast for me to get much wear out of them this year. Though I am sure that they will not be leaving my feet when spring comes around.

Skirt: Thrifted
Top: Forever21
Shoes: Nordstrom-Rack

Every Step of the Way


Since switching my major last year, a question I have often been asked is; do you regret it? And if I was to answer honestly, no I don’t. When questioning my major last year, this is something I’d worry about. Would I miss it? What if I don’t like this new major? What if I change my mind again. These are thoughts that racked my mind while I tried to determine what would be the best decision for myself. Changing majors was the right decision. Last year I always felt self-conscious about my work and dreaded going to class. I was never excited or invested as some of my other classmates.

When people ask me why I switched, the answer was as simple as I wasn’t happy. A phrase I was once told, “If you have a job you love, you’ll never work another day in your life”, was my guiding light in deciding my next step. I didn’t love what I was doing, so that was my sign that I needed to change. I know what I do love doing, so I looked for something that reflected this.

Journalism. I love writing, taking photos, and reaching out to other people. I love the strong creative outlet and the process of investing your time into an assignment. Since switching, I’VE BEEN HAPPY. Each new thing I learn about writing or blogging gets me excited. I’m excited to go to all my classes and love conversing with my professors. I leave class smiling, no longer dreading my assignments. When I think back on, I can truly say that switching majors was probably one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’m sorry the long post, but it’s something I’ve had on my mind for awhile. Its something that affects my blog so that’s why I decided it was something important to share with you.

Overalls: ASOS
Top: Thrifted
Loafers: Century21